Quick Lunch...served between 12 & 2.30

Quicker Lunch

Why not give us a call & pre order your lunch.

Sandwich Boards: six pounds

All handcut from a choice of our daily breads with a handful of fries…

  • Halloumi roasted red pepper, rocket & pesto.
  • Pulled pork crunchy slaw & leaves.
  • Choice of sausage onion chutney & leaves.
  • Roast beef with horseradish mayo & caramelised onions.
  • Lemon sole goujons with rocket & garlic mayo.

Lunch Boards: Great to Share!

All served with mixed leaf salad......Choose from;

  • Fish Board: Whitebait & homemade tartar sauce, smoked mackerel fillet with horseradish mayo, crispy coated squid with sweet chilli sauce, served with a doorstop of bloomer bread. £10
  • Deli Board: A selection of European dried & cured hams with sun blushed tomatoes, stuffed olives, dipping oil & Mediterranean tomato bread. £10
  • Sausage Board: Your selection of three sausages from our menu with beer mustard, piccalilli & real ale chutney £9

American Style loaded Dogs: ten pounds

Pick any one of our famous sausages, we will grill it, add a fresh Brioche roll & then top it with any of the below:

  • Frenchie: caramelised onions & strong cheddar cheese (like French onion soup)
  • El Nacho: Chipotle chilli beef, cheddar & pickled jalopenos
  • Return of the Mac: Topped with our smoked Mac & Cheese & a little bit more cheese just in case
  • Chicago Classic: jalapenos & pickles with diced onions & American squeezy mustard
  • Pork “n” Slaw: Pulled pork topped with crunchy pink slaw

All served with mixed leaf salad & a choice of chips or sweet potato fries.

Our Sausages: ten pounds

All our sausages are served with a choice of seasoned mash or cheesy mash with plenty of gravy & peas.

  • 1. Cumberland:  These all-meat sausages are suitable for coeliacs. They are Britain’s most famous regional variety because they contain no cereal. They are peppery. GF
  • 2. Pork Port and Stilton: This sausage uses the well known combination of stilton and port to great effect. No artificial substitutes or flavour enhancers just great flavours.
  • 3. Pork, Bacon & Black Pudding: This recipe combines the rich flavour of black pudding and smoked bacon.
  • 4. Roobanger & Red Wine: Not often used in Australia, but gourmets love it. The kangaroo is low in fat and slightly gamey and soaked in red wine it is delicious.
  • 5. Wild Boar, Apple & Calvados: The exotic flavour of wild boar is enhanced further by the addition of a splash of apple brandy and fresh apples.
  • 6. Drunken Duck: These great ingredients blend beautifully to create a mouth watering sausage, with a hint of garlic with some classic English herbs.
  • 7. South African Beef Boerewors: It is a traditional South African recipe that contains local Sussex and Hants beef, pork back fat and coriander as the distinctive flavour.
  • 8. Greenwich Smokey: Made when O'Hagan's opened the world`s first fresh sausage shop in Greenwich. Made with pork, natural smoke liquid and paprika this sausage has a distinctive taste.
  • 9. Beef and Guinness: Developed by O'Hagan`s in the early 80s it has a truly great Irish flavour and as well as being served with mash potato.
  • 10. Lamb & Rosemary: A great herby lamb sausage. With a splash of red wine to add to the traditional combo. One of the first O`Hagan varieties in Greenwich, way back in 1988.
  • 11. Chicken Peri Peri: A Portuguese inspired creation is the true favourite on the eastern seaboard of Africa including Zimbabwe. This is hot and spicy. For those who like it hot
  • 12. Garlic Chicken: The French are not the only ones who like garlic! Chicken, parsley, white wine and spring onions with a strong hint of garlic make this sausage a memorable one.
  • 13. Smoked Beer & Beef: Brewed in Bavaria this smoked beer is made from barley malted and kilned over a fire of beech wood logs. Once married up with prime Scottish Beef, it creates a subtle and rewarding taste.

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