Main Menu

Little bits

  • Bread board £2
  • Bread & olives £4.25
  • Baked Camembert Board (for2) with toasted breads & an apple, red chilli & real ale chutney £9 v
  • Sausage Board (for2) your selection of three sausages from our menu with beer mustard, piccalilli & real ale chutney £9
  • Half a pint of prawns served with a little gem wedge, doorstop bloomer with lemon & garlic mayo £6 or a pint for £11
  • BBQ home smoked wings glazed in our BBQ sauce 6 wings £5 / 12 wings £9

Kitchen Stuff

  • Chicken Fajitas a Tex Mex classic with salad, sour cream, salsa & soft flour tortilla. £10
  • Piled High Nachos piled with either diced sausage, pulled pork, Chipolte chilli beef, Mexican spicy chicken & peppers, or for veggie lovers Mac & Cheese. All topped with stringy cheese, salsa, sour cream & jalopenos. Great for a sharing starter! £9
  • Mac & Cheese melting pot lightly smoked cheese £8.75 v
  • Mushroom & Sweet Potato Curry flavoured using tradition Indian spices with rice & pappadum v/GF £8


All our homemade burgers are served with lettuce & tomato in a brioche bun.

  • The Classic Just with bacon & melted cheese. £11
  • The Veggie Baked Halloumi cheese, topped with roasted red pepper, tomato salsa & mushroom. £9
  • The BBQ Our smoked pulled pork & BBQ sauce. £14
  • The Mexican Chopolte beef chilli, cheese & jalapenos. £14
  • The Big Boy Two of our homemade burgers with bacon, cheese, pulled pork & BBQ sauce. £18

From our smoker

Our pulled pork, ribs & wings are smoked using a mixture of beer soaked apple & cherrywood. All of our smoked meats are rubbed using our special blend of spices for our unique flavours.

  • Big Jay’s Sticky Ribs baby back ribs smoked & glazed using our homemade BBQ sauce, with fries & crunchy slaw £18
  • Ribs & Wings Combo half a baby back ribs with BBQ wings, all smoked & glazed using our homemade BBQ sauce, with fries & crunchy slaw £16

On the rocks

WARNING: The rocks are very hot, they will burn you. Please check out our boards for the selection of exotic meats of the day! Check out our range of Exotics on our Blackboards or simply ask our staff

  • Exotic steak - £15
  • Exotic platter (2 steaks) - £25
  • 6oz Rump & exotic - £23
  • 6oz Fillet & exotic - £30

American Style loaded Dogs: ten pounds

Pick any one of our famous sausages, we will grill it, add a fresh Brioche roll & then top it with any of the below:

  • Frenchie: caramelised onions & strong cheddar cheese (like French onion soup)
  • El Nacho: Chipotle chilli beef, cheddar & pickled jalopenos
  • Return of the Mac: Topped with our smoked Mac & Cheese & a little bit more cheese just in case
  • Chicago Classic: jalapenos & pickles with diced onions & American squeezy mustard
  • Pork “n” Slaw: Pulled pork topped with crunchy pink slaw

All served with mixed leaf salad & a choice of chips or sweet potato fries.

our steaks...All £19.00

All our Steaks are carefully selected, aged and prepared by our Master Butcher Wren`s of Thame. All our steaks are aged for a minimum 21 days and have been trimmed especially for cooking on our hot volcanic rocks.

  • 6oz Aged fillet steak
  • 12oz Aged rump steak
  • 8oz Aged ribeye steak

Our Sausages: ten pounds

All our sausages are served with a choice of seasoned mash or cheesy mash with plenty of gravy & peas.

  • 1. Cumberland:  These all-meat sausages are suitable for coeliacs. They are Britain’s most famous regional variety because they contain no cereal. They are peppery. GF
  • 2. Pork Port and Stilton: This sausage uses the well known combination of stilton and port to great effect. No artificial substitutes or flavour enhancers just great flavours.
  • 3. Pork, Bacon & Black Pudding: This recipe combines the rich flavour of black pudding and smoked bacon.
  • 4. Roobanger & Red Wine: Not often used in Australia, but gourmets love it. The kangaroo is low in fat and slightly gamey and soaked in red wine it is delicious.
  • 5. Wild Boar, Apple & Calvados: The exotic flavour of wild boar is enhanced further by the addition of a splash of apple brandy and fresh apples.
  • 6. Drunken Duck: These great ingredients blend beautifully to create a mouth watering sausage, with a hint of garlic with some classic English herbs.
  • 7. South African Beef Boerewors: It is a traditional South African recipe that contains local Sussex and Hants beef, pork back fat and coriander as the distinctive flavour.
  • 8. Greenwich Smokey: Made when O'Hagan's opened the world`s first fresh sausage shop in Greenwich. Made with pork, natural smoke liquid and paprika this sausage has a distinctive taste.
  • 9. Beef and Guinness: Developed by O'Hagan`s in the early 80s it has a truly great Irish flavour and as well as being served with mash potato.
  • 10. Lamb & Rosemary: A great herby lamb sausage. With a splash of red wine to add to the traditional combo. One of the first O`Hagan varieties in Greenwich, way back in 1988.
  • 11. Chicken Peri Peri: A Portuguese inspired creation is the true favourite on the eastern seaboard of Africa including Zimbabwe. This is hot and spicy. For those who like it hot
  • 12. Garlic Chicken: The French are not the only ones who like garlic! Chicken, parsley, white wine and spring onions with a strong hint of garlic make this sausage a memorable one.
  • 13. Smoked Beer & Beef: Brewed in Bavaria this smoked beer is made from barley malted and kilned over a fire of beech wood logs. Once married up with prime Scottish Beef, it creates a subtle and rewarding taste.

Extras: three pounds

  • Onion Rings
  • BBQ wings (3)
  • Mixed Leaf Salad
  • Jacket Potato
  • Mashed Potato
  • Chips
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Peppercorn Sauce (£2)

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